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「Features」Function explanation page
「Pricing」 Price plan introduction page
「Sign in」 Sign in page
Member registration form
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Here you can apply for Pharmaco PICOS membership. See Help for details.


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Sign in form
This is the screen to Sign in to the simulator. Please enter "login id", "password" and click "Sign in" button to login.

Select User

This is the screen for managing experiment users. You can move to user management screen, experiment list screen etc.

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1-1. Setting
Open the simulator setting screen.
1-2. Logout
Log out the simulator and return to the TOP screen.
1-3. Experiment user selection screen
Return to the experiment user selection screen.
Add user
Button to open the user addition screen. For the function, please see 【Setting screen: Add user】.
Experiment list
Go to 【Experiment List】 screen.

Experiments List

It is a screen to manage the experiment data. Data saved after executing the simulator experiment is listed.

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Experiment selection
By clicking each experiment you can select the experiment to be carried out.
Start of experiment
Move to "Experiment screen" to start the experiment selected by "① Select experiment".
Data browsing
Browse the saved experiment results. Go to "Experiment data screen".


Atrial experiment

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Blood pressure experiment

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Ileum experiment

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* It is impossible to add a new medicine until the effect of the active medicine wears off (ileum and pressure simulators)
* Only 1 inhibitor can be added until the reset of the simulation (ileum and pressure simulators)

Experiment screen Explanation of each part
Experiment information control part
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 Finish and Save button
Finish the experiment and save the experiment result. After saving, you can access it in the "Experiment list screen".
 Data processing screen
It is a button to open the data processing screen. For details, please see 【Experiment data browsing / processing screen】.
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 Start of experiment
Press "PLAY" to start the experiment. After starting the experiment, it becomes "STOP" button.
 Experiment reset
Reset the state of the experiment and return the waveform to the initial state.
 Change elapsed time speed
Change speed over time in three steps.
 Change paper feed speed
Change the paper feed speed in three steps.
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 Heart zoom
Use the "+" button to enlarge the atria. Use the "-" button to return.
 Input drug indication
The administered medication is displayed.

Reference of Data

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 Experiment result chart
A chart of experiment results is displayed. In long time experiments the result chart is divided into multiple pages. To select a divided chart select the page number with 【Chart Page Selection】.
 Replicate button
Duplicate the display part of 【Experiment Result Chart】. The duplicated data is saved in the [Duplicated chart] display and [Individual list].
 Select copy chart
You can view the saved duplicated chart. [View] button to display the saved chart to [duplicate chart]. You can download replicated chart to PC with 【Download】 button.
 Mail Send
Send an image by e-mail.