New medicines
- In ileum simulator: Papaverine, Serotonin, Ondansetron, Chlorpheniramine, Mosapride
- In pressure simulator: Noradrenaline, Phenylephrine, Angiotensin II, Losartan
 Updated medicine simulation data
- In ileum simulator: Acetylcholine, Atropine, Histamine
- In pressure simulator: Noradrenaline, Isoprenaline, Propranolol, Acetylcholine, Atropine
 Changes in functionality
- Now it is impossible to add a new medicine until the effect of the active medicine wears off (ileum and pressure simulators)
- Now only 1 inhibitor can be added until the reset of the simulation (ileum and pressure simulators)
- In pressure simulator: changes in the heartrate are now displayed on the chart